Daily Admissions

BSP Value Packs

The Boiling Springs Pool Value Pack is a punch card with 10 numbers printed on the card. They are laminated and have a pool validation sticker on them. Each number represents one admission.

Value Pack$120

Daily Admission

Daily Admission$17
Junior Admission
(Guests Under 48″)
Senior Admission
(Guests ages 60+)
Children ages 3
and under
Evening Admission
(last 3 hours)
Evening Admission,
Jr & Sr (last 3 hours)

Group Admission

If you have a group of 25 people or more, please call the pool to schedule your reservation. Group admissions must be scheduled in advance. If you cannot schedule in advance, we can accommodate your group with the current value pack pricing.

Scheduled group rates for groups of 25+ are $10/person during normal hours. Rates for evening gatherings can be discussed. The pool is less crowded in the evening, so it is a great time to schedule a group.

Daily, Value Pack, or Season Pass?

Thank you for considering a trip to the Boiling Springs Pool. We are open to the public for anyone from anywhere. There are no residency restrictions. Here are some guidelines on your best value while visiting the Boiling Springs Pool.

If you have a friend that is a season pass holder, ask them to bring you along to introduce you to the Boiling Springs Pool. Season pass holders get a special $7 guest rate for their friends.

Here is how to decide if you should pay for a day, get a value pack or get a season pass…

Daily Admissions
If you will visit only once or a few times, the daily rate is your best option.

BSP Value Packs
Value packs cover 10 admissions. A value pack can be used for single or multiple guests, and do not need to be used on the same visit.

Season Passes
If you plan to visit 8 times or more – or if you want to come out for just a couple of hours here and there – then the season pass is the best value.

We look forward to seeing you at the Boiling Springs Pool!

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