Update for August 2020

Masks are STILL required in Common Areas

Common areas include the entry and exit gate, snack bar and bathrooms. Please enjoy the fresh air out on our lawn and in the pools. Out of respect for all patrons, this small request is our biggest ask.

Due to staff issues, we have had to adjust our closing time a little bit. We will start closing at 7pm approximately one week early and we will close at 6pm on those days that we would normally have closed at 7pm. With a reduced staff, we will want to remain safe, by not overworking those that are left. Good luck at college to those that are leaving us! 

At this time, in the Green Phase for Cumberland County, we still need to restrict our capacity, so we are holding to 50 daily admissions each day (excluding designated days). This restriction does not apply to season pass holders.

If your web browser does not seem to be updating (if the time is more than 1 hour old), you can check here to see the raw update file.

Limits enacted on our daily admissions will not affect season pass holders. Season pass holders will be allowed to enter the pool as early as 11am.

Come out to the Boiling Springs Pool this summer and relax in one of the most picturesque areas in the Cumberland Valley.

You do not need to be a resident of Boiling Springs, South Middleton Township or any other municipality. If you live in Carlisle, Newville or Shippensburg; Mechanicsburg, Harrisburg or any points in-between, you are welcome right here at the BSPool!

We have four different pools, 3 waterslides and a full service snack bar, with hot and cold food.

COVID-19 Rules and Guidelines
for the Boiling Springs Pool, Summer 2020

These rules and guidelines are subject to change at any time. Version 1.3 – 2020.07.17

If you or anyone in your family has been diagnosed with COVID-19 in the last 14 days – OR – has symptoms of COVID-19, including dry cough, shortness of breath, fever and/or chills, loss of taste or smell – you are not permitted to enter Boiling Springs Pool. Please help to keep everyone in our community safe.

*** By entering the Boiling Springs Pool Facility, you are accepting and agree to hold harmless the Boiling Springs Pool Co. against claims of the COVID-19 infections.  ***

Face Masks and Coverings

Everyone must have a face mask or covering.
Face masks or coverings need to be worn when entering or leaving the facility.
Face masks or coverings need to be worn when in our common areas (the areas around the gate, bathrooms and snack bar) and also while using the bathrooms or waiting for items from the snack bar.
We recommend that you wear your face masks or coverings when you are not actively swimming for your safety and that of others.

Face masks and coverings should not be worn in any of the pools. This is an increased risk.

If at any time, while wearing your face mask, you feel nauseous or light headed, please remove your mask and keep your distance. We are concerned about heat stroke and other complications.

Social Distancing

Family groups from the same household are permitted to congregate together, but these individual groups must maintain the 6’ social distancing protocols from other groups and individuals. Markings will be in place to help you identify distancing.

Attendance and Capacity

A limitation may be in place to allow for adequate social distancing. The pool will open at 11 a.m. daily for season pass holders only. Daily Admission rates start at noon. Please be aware that daily admission to the pool may be suspended at any time. We will be reserving space for season pass memberships above the daily admission or value pack purchases.  Currently, $5 Fridays are be discontinued.


Face masks or coverings are required! Our bathrooms are large enough to social distance two people at a time. If you enter the bathroom and see two occupants, please return to the door of the bathroom and wait until another person leaves. There will be markings on our decks.

The BEST way to stay safe in our bathrooms are these steps that you already know… Enter the bathroom, touch as little as possible, don’t touch your face and WASH YOUR HANDS. When you leave, our doors push open, so please use your elbow or hip to exit the bathroom.

Snack Bar

Face masks or coverings are required! Our snack bar will be open for take out only. There is room for one person to order and one person to wait in the queue. The remainder of guests will need to wait outside. Please send only one person in to place and pay for an order in the snack bar. Only one person from your party should enter the snack bar. Once an order is placed, if the food requires a wait time to cook, you will be asked to wait outside. We will bring the food out when it is prepared.

Ketchup, mustard and salt containers have been replaced with individual packets.

USA Slide

The USA Slide will remain closed for 2020, in order to provide more room in the main pool for social distancing and to reduce the amount of common surfaces (railings) that will be touched in similar spots by multiple people.

Nightmare and Daydream Slide Tower

The two slides on our tower, Nightmare and Daydream will be open. Handrails will be frequently cleaned and the lines will form at the bottom following social distancing requirements. Running up the slide stairs is strictly prohibited.

Benches and Picnic Tables

We have placed single benches apart from one another around the facility and they will be wiped down frequently. Maintain social distancing requirements. Do not leave any items at any benches when not in use.

While in the Yellow Phase in Pennsylvania’s Plan to Re Open, picnic tables will not be available for use.

Chairs, Noodles, Goggles, other items

The pool will not supply or lend any items this year. If you would like to have any of these accessories, you must bring them with you and take them with you when you leave. We also recommend that you do not share your items with other non-household groups or accept the use of items from other groups.

Our Pool Employees

All our employees are subject to the same rules and regulations. Any employee who has been exposed to the COVID-19 virus, has an exposed household member, or is displaying any symptoms will not be allowed to work and must not return to work for 14 days.