Waterslide Height Requirements

How tall do you have to be?

We have received a lot of questions about how tall you need to be to ride our waterslides.  Here are your answers!

Daydream and Nightmare Waterslides at the Boiling Springs Pool

Requirements For Daydream and Nightmare:

You must be 46″ tall (thats 3 feet, 10 inches) in order to go down the waterslide.  These slides are a lot of fun, but if your child is too short, they may end up getting twisted around and finish the ride head first – which is a danger to their safety.  Our slide manufacturer recommends 46″ and the State of Pennsylvania requires us to follow this advice.

You also must go down the slide on your back, feet facing forward and NOT sitting up.  If you are sitting up, you run the risk of getting thrown into the side of the flume and injuring your head.  Please help us enforce this rule with your children!  Thanks!


USA Slide at the Boiling Springs PoolRequirements For the USA Slide:

If you can swim the width of the main pool (approx 50′) then you can ride the USA Slide – located at the shallow end of the main pool.  However, if you are a non-swimmer, you must be able to stand at the exit of this water slide.  The water depth is 4′ 10″.

Although this slide seems nice and quiet, the water turbulence at the bottom may be more than you expected.  First time waterslide users should notify the lifeguard that this is their first time down the waterslide.

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