Folding Chair Storage Information

We will hold chairs behind the gate at the Boiling Springs Pool so that you don’t have to lug them in every day.

Due to our limited amount of space, we can only accept absolutely flat folding chairs, or bag chairs.  The chair in the image is the type that we cannot store.  It takes 2-4 times more space that flat folding chairs.  Note the arrows pointing to the bends in the metal that cause the issues.

All chairs must be taken home prior to the end of the season.  Any chairs left over the winter are assumed to be trashed or unwanted and will be given to a local non-profit organization, or thrown out depending on the fitness of the chair.

We cannot be held liable for damage to the chairs, but we do take care when storing them, to ensure that they are not damaged while in our storage.

If you have any questions, you can email, call or ask at the gate.

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