BSP Smoking Policy

Revised May 2013 Smoking is prohibited within the Boiling Springs Pool facility area.  This includes the fenced area – and the area inside the bounds of our driveway (common entry and pedestrian areas). Our Tobacco-Free Policy In order to promote a healthy environment for all… Read More »BSP Smoking Policy

Swimming Lessons

We do not offer lessons at the Boiling Springs Pool. Here are a few alternatives: Locally, you can sign up for lessons with the South Middleton Township or the Carlisle Family YMCA South Middleton (look for the newsletter link): http://smiddleton.com/Carlisle YMCA: http://www.carlislefamilyymca.org/ You can also check out Carlisle… Read More »Swimming Lessons

Jobs at the Pool

Do you want information on our jobs at the pool? Go to https://www.bspjobs.com/ for more information and the form that will allow you to update your resume. We do not offer lifeguard training. Please review the American Red Cross website, South Middleton’s Parks and Recreation… Read More »Jobs at the Pool

Chair Storage

2022 COVID Information – While we are still under restrictions due to COVID, chair storage will not be available. We offer season-long chair storage at the Boiling Springs Pool, so you do not have to bring your chair each day. We have limited space available, so… Read More »Chair Storage

B.S. Triathlon

Current Triathlon Date is August 6th, 2022 The Boiling Springs Triathlon, which is hosted at the Boiling Springs Pool, but not run by us, occurs each year in early August. On that day, our pool will not open until Noon. Additionally, roads and parking areas… Read More »B.S. Triathlon

BSP Photo Gallery

Pool Shots 2004 – Building Nightmare and Daydream Waterslides 2002 – Our 75th Anniversary 2001 – Building the USA Slide 2000 – Deck Recontruction